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...a FREE four-day training series from Elle Turner Creative.

 Elle Turner | Success Story Catalyst | Free training series


  • Are you looking for ‘something more’ from life?

  • Do you feel like you have so much more to give?

  • Are you ready to find your vision of personal success and fulfilment AND have a positive impact on those around you?

Then join Success Story Catalyst, a free four day training series to introduce you to journaling for personal fulfilment and impact, a creative and fun way to take charge of your personal development and fulfil the potential you KNOW you have within you.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you could do so much more with your life, but you’re stuck. You’re creatively stifled and unsure what to tackle first.
  • You’ve spent so long focusing on your family that you’ve forgotten who you are as an individual and you haven’t had time to even try to remember.
  • You feel guilty because you’re already very lucky and wonder if you’re being selfish and self-indulgent for even thinking there could be more to life for you
  • You regularly decide you’re probably just greedy and berate yourself for a while. You then return to “normal” until the desire for something more weaves its way into your heart and mind again


If so, I get it. 


For YEARS I felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied and lethargic, wanting something more from my life and work, but feeling ungrateful and self-indulgent for even thinking that way because I was already very lucky in comparison with so very, very many others. 

But eventually I realised I was doing nobody any favours by letting myself go on in that way. 

So, what helped me turn things around?





Elle Turner | Success Story Catalyst | Free Training Series


Whenever I want to CREATE a change to better my life, THINK something through or, most importantly, EXPLORE and shift the unhelpful mindset and thought patterns that hold me back, putting pen to paper is always my first step. 


Would you like to:

  • Take your first step towards personal success so that can start creating your life around what matters to you most
  • Discover why focusing on your personal success is of benefit to those around you so that you can have the positive impact you desire 
  • Learn why I believe journaling is THE BEST tool to have in your personal success toolbelt so that you know you are supported on your personal development path
  • Make journaling your lifelong, life enhancing companion so that you can continue to work towards your vision of personal success as it evolves

Then let’s get together for Success Story Catalyst a free four-day training so that you can make the most of YOU.


Remember, you can write the next chapter in your life story.

Start the first page today.

The training series will run from 15-18 July inside the free Facebook group Success Story Journalers. Sign up, then check your inbox for a link to the group.