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Be Seen and Heard Online | Free 5-day challenge | Elle Turner Creative


 Join me for this brand new, FREE, 5-day challenge

So that you can confidently & consistently share your message to attract, impact & convert your ideal clients


 Own Your Business - 3 Steps to Grow Free Challenge


Here’s the bottom line:


You want to grow your business. 


If I were standing beside you, I’d be able to see it in your eyes and feel it in your energy 


But right now, you feel as though you can’t even get out of the gate.


You’re struggling to be seen and heard online (there are so many people on every social media platform!)


And, if you’re honest with yourself,


You’re not really showing up, confidently and consistently, to share your message 


=> Perhaps you’re not 100% clear on the message you want to share (after all, it takes time to fully articulate all the points you want to make)


=> Maybe you’re afraid of how your message will be received. What if you offend people without meaning to? What if people judge you unfairly (and meanly) and what if you show yourself up in front of your family, friends or, worst of all, ex-colleagues? (Eep!)


=> You’re trying, but you’re losing faith because, even when you do make the effort to share, it feels like no one is interested


It’s starting to make you wonder if it’s you. It’s knocked your confidence. Are you even up to this ‘business thing’ at all?


I get it. I’ve been there. And before we go any further, hear me when I say:


NO, it’s not you. 


You ARE up to this ‘business thing’ and


I’ve created this brand new FREE challenge to help you


Because it’s your time to be seen and heard


To to confidently & consistently share your message online so that you can attract, convert and impact your ideal clients.


Own Your Business - 3 Steps to Grow Free Challenge


Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, launch a new product or service or scale your income (and impact)


It starts with getting your message in front of the people you want to hear it


Sign up below to BE SEEN AND HEARD ONLINE and I’ll send all the details straight to your inbox.


Are you ready to finally show up confidently and consistently so that you can have the success, fulfilment and impact you’ve been waiting for?


Stop waiting, start creating, join me for this challenge and walk away ready to be seen and heard. 


Own Your Business - 3 Steps to Grow Free Challenge


Over the 5 days we’ll cover


=>The FIRST thing you need to do to gain confidence in sharing your message


=> We’ll identify what’s stopping you from sharing your message and what to do about it


=> You’ll ground in your belief and confidence and know exactly why you CAN do this (and why you MUST)


=> You’ll learn how to keep the faith when you hit a confidence blip (because that happens to all of us) and 


=> How to confidently share your message consistently (and feel excited to do so!)

Own Your Business - 3 Steps to Grow Free Challenge


If we haven’t met already…


I’m Elle Turner, a writer and business mindset mentor for entrepreneurs who want to grow a unique, heart-led business and have it be the vehicle through which they can create the success, fulfilment and impact they desire for themselves, their family AND the wider world.


If that sounds like you, I’d love to see you in the free challenge!


Own Your Business - 3 Steps to Grow Free Challenge