Mindset: Mini Routine, Maximum Impact

This training series took place from 30 June - 2 July 2020. To find out about when future events are running, click here to join the community!



Learn how to cultivate a business mindset so that you have the clarity and confidence you need to get the results you want from your business

Are you ready to build the purposeful, fulfilling, successful dream business that you know you’re meant to build?

But you’re getting in your own way and aren’t taking the action that will lead to you achieving your business goals?


  • You find yourself humming and hawing over making decisions (Which platform? Which strategy?) because you’re scared of making the ‘wrong’ choice?

  • You’re scared of being visible as the face of your business because you feel awkward and are worried about what people will think of you and your message?

  • You’ve arrived at the point where you’re wondering if you’re up to this business thing at all?

If that’s you, then join me for a FREE 3 day training series and learn how to cultivate a business mindset that will build your confidence and help you take action so that you can finally achieve what you want from your business and get what you want for your life.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible work day, chunks of free time to travel, a way to impact the world with your work (or even all three. I see you, Ms. Over-achiever 😝) then you need to cultivate and maintain a mindset that will support you. That’s why I’ve created MINDSET: Mini routine, Maximum Impact, just for you.

What’s involved?

Day One - Identify. ONE thing you need to know to build the business YOU want (and what to focus on to get it)

Day Two - Cultivate. ONE habit that’s the foundation for action and how to practice it

Day Three - Maintain. How to make that habit easy to maintain



Who am I?

I’m Elle Turner, writer, business mindset mentor and course creator, and I help intelligent, compassionate entrepreneurs (like you) find the clarity, confidence and energy to achieve what you want from your business for your life.



I left my day job in 2016, opened the online doors to my eco-friendly stationery business the same year, did what I now consider to be a self-created (accidental, haphazard, overwhelming, fear-ridden) apprenticeship in online business for a couple of years before finally finding the path I wanted to be on and starting again in late 2018.

Throughout this period I learned that in order to build the business I wanted, and not one that would leave me as unfulfilled and drained as my ‘day job’, I needed to focus on gaining real clarity on what that actually meant and cultivating a strong & supportive mindset so that I could take the action I needed to take to, in a nutshell, get on with it.

Since the penny dropped for me, that I’d spent months and months completely misunderstanding and underestimating the power of mindset and mindset work,

I researched, explored, learned, practiced...

and focused on building my business mindset. 

Now I approach my business with more clarity, confidence and ease which means I’m no longer permanently riddled with self-doubt, I make better (and faster) decisions and I feel better about taking actions that previously scared me (I’m thinking of you, FB Live... 😂)

It’s my mission now to help YOU build your business mindset so that you can be the business owner you want to be and so that you can get what you want from your business for your life.



Do you want to take confident action to build your dream business and create what you want in your life?

Then join me for 

Mindset: Mini Routine, Maximum Impact 

Tuesday 30th June - Thursday 2 July 2020 

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Are you ready to create a mini mindset routine that not only sticks but has a massive impact on your business?

Mindset: Mini Routine, Maximum Impact 

See you there!