If you’re a heart-led entrepreneur who wants to grow an impactful business, this group programme is for you.


Do you feel that what you wanted from your business for your life is getting further away, not closer?

Do you regularly feel yourself stuck in analysis paralysis because there are so many options, but you don’t know which will ‘work’?

Are you heading for burnout on a treadmill of lots of effort for little or no result? 



Here’s the thing:

If you’re losing confidence because you feel like you’re floundering and you’re worried you’ve made a big mistake starting your own business, it’s not jumping from strategy to strategy, from one social media platform to another or exhausting yourself further trying #allthethings that will help.

What will help is being able to cut through all the noise, trust your own thoughts and think like a business owner, so that you can get your business up and running in a way that works for you, attract, convert and impact your ideal clients and be on your way to achieving the big business goals you set out to achieve.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join me for the beta round of my brand new group programme DITCH, DEVELOP, DECIDE so that you can:

  • Ditch all the analysis paralysis
  • Make solid decisions on your own that you can stick to and
  • Take confident and consistent action to make the best use of your precious time in your business.

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You want to attract, convert & impact your clients so that you can experience time freedom, feel fulfilled by the work you do, have autonomy over your schedule and

Gain financial freedom from having your income potential in your own hands…

I absolutely understand, because so do I! 

I started my first business in the online space in 2016, desperate for ‘job satisfaction’. I wanted to experience autonomy, flexibility and freedom doing work I loved whilst having the uncapped income potential that would enable me to have a meaningfully positive impact in the world.

I ran into some problems, however. 

You know the ‘Blow up your business with £Xk months and spend your days feeling great about yourself’ posts that we see so much on social media?

Yeah, you’ll not find any of that on this page. But keep reading anyway, I think you’ll find it worth it.

When I started my first business, I found the learning curve overwhelming. (Which social media platforms would be best for me? What makes great content? OMG do I really have to get on video?)

There was so much information on the way to grow an online business (FB! No, IG! No, LI, No, all of them! Your content needs to be long form! No, short form! No, vary it! No, stick to a formula! Yes, of course you need to get on video! Every minute of every day. And, if you can point at text and wiggle your butt, so much the better)

Ugh, I’m breaking out in a sweat just writing that.

My point is, back then my head was spinning. I constantly felt like I was doing the wrong things, even though I was trying to do #allthethings. I always felt like there was something key that I was missing. And if only I could figure out that one right thing that was eluding me, I would unplug the dam and have business success flowing towards me.

However, what happened instead was I started losing enthusiasm for the business that had meant so much to me and confidence in my ability to turn it around.

Does that feel familiar?


That’s why I’ve created Ditch, Develop, Decide, a five week group programme for solopreneurs or micro business owners who want to ditch analysis paralysis, make decisive decisions and take confident action in their business.


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No more indecision about what to do next (DITCH that analysis paralysis and constant consumption mode in the hope that you’ll find someone who’ll give you the answer)

DEVELOP your ability to think like a business owner (not the employee you were) so that you can do what your business needs you to do and

Cultivate the clarity and skills you need to DECIDE what’s next for you and your business without flip-flopping between options or waiting for someone or something to validate your choices (Sounds harsh, I know, but isn’t that what you’re doing? I’ve definitely been there, so no judgement from me!)

Bottom line - whatever YOU want from your business, that’s what I want you to get

I’ve created Ditch, Develop, Decide so that you can bring the future of your business back into your own hands.

Investment: £197 (Beta price) for the five week programme (limited number of spaces available)

(It’s such a low price because it’s the first ever round of the programme and I’ll be asking LOTS of questions to make sure you get the best experience). 

Click here to book a free call so that we can chat and see if we’re a good fit.

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 The logistics:

Don’t worry, I want to help you make the best use of your time, I don’t want to monopolise it! 

  • You’ll receive one training module (a pre-recorded video and short workbook) each week for the first four weeks so that you can work through them when convenient to you throughout the programme. 
  • We’ll have a group Q&A session for each module (You’ll be able to submit Qs in advance and will get access to replays, so don’t worry if you can’t make the live sessions)
  • We’ll have a bonus FB group community so that we can learn from each other, have some fun and keep in touch between calls. 

If you’re ready for clarity, confidence and decisive action so that you can grow your heart-led, impactful business, AND you want to be part of the high-touch beta round of the programme, let’s get on a call and talk.

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My favourite line EVER from a testimonial 

"You can tell that she truly cares about you" 

I do. 


Hey there, I’m Elle Turner, a writer, boy (x2) mum, cat (x2) mum and lifelong learner.

I’m also an entrepreneurial leadership development mentor for heart-led entrepreneurs - mainly solopreneurs & micro business owners -  who want to grow an impactful business. 

The ONE thing I absolutely believe is that Business IS Personal.

No matter what business you are building, no matter who you serve, or how you serve them

You need to Build the Business Owner to build a successful, fulfilling, impactful business.

THE work that will allow you to take assured action to get the results you want is building your business MINDSET so that you step up as the entrepreneurial LEADER your business needs. 

If you started your business because you not only want to build a sustainable, abundant future for yourself and your family, and do so through doing work that you LOVE, but also because you’re determined to have a positive impact in the world, then I've combined my background in Sociology, almost twenty years in Human Resources, extensive writing experience and, now, over five years in the online business space to help you focus on the real difference maker in your own business success - YOU.

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How much time will Ditch, Develop, Decide take me each week? 

There’s no hard and fast answer to this because everyone’s thought process will be different, but I’d suggest budgeting roughly 2 hours per week to:

  • Watch the short pre-recorded video 
  • Work through the workbook questions (this is the part that’s hard to quantify as it depends how much time you want to spend thinking about the content) and 
  • Join in the 60 minute Q&A session 

You might even find you have a net gain in time overall when you break free from analysis paralysis and take decisive action instead of procrastinating.


How much is it? 

It’s £197 GBP for this Beta round only (which is a steal when you think that you get access to the course materials AND have access to me to get your questions answered throughout the live period of the programme).

Will this programme really help me to grow my business?

Honestly? I can't answer that, because I’m not you. It’s your own combination of circumstances, effort and intention that will impact your own results. 

What that really means is (apparently just like the gym equipment gathering dust in my garage), it only works if you use it. That’s good news in this case, though, because you’re going to want to use it to help you create the success that you know is possible for you.

I designed DDD to help you gain confidence in, and self-trust around, your ability to make decisions, then take the action needed based on these decisions, as I’ve found these to be key skills for avoiding the shiny object syndrome, procrastination and tendency towards perfectionism that stalls so much of our business progress.


I haven’t started my business yet. Should I take the course now?

If you resonate with feeling stuck or overwhelmed and unable to make, or stick to, decisions relating to starting your business then yes, now is the perfect time to take DDD so that you are empowered early on to feel clear, confident and decisive. Ideally, I want the course to save you as much time and hassle as possible, so the sooner you get onto it, the better.


Is there a payment plan?

Not for the Beta round. The programme is £197 GBP and this price is for one single payment.


How is the course delivered?

You’ll receive emails with links to all the course materials (Videos and PDF workbooks each week for the first four weeks)

You’ll also receive emails containing zoom links to access the Q&A calls live and emails with links to the replays.


How long do I have access to the course materials?

For the duration of the beta round plus one (1) month. 


What’s the refund policy?

There are no refunds for the beta round of the programme.

It’s very important to me that you have a good experience with my business, so if you have any concerns at all about your order, please contact me (elleATelleturnerDOTme).

As you are buying in a business capacity, that is, for purposes related to your trade, business, craft or profession, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply. (That's why I've not included cancellation or refund provisions).


I have another question. Where can I ask it?

Email me (elleATelleturnerDOTme) and I’ll get back to you personally. 


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