You have a message to share and a positive impact to make



Is this you?

You started your heart-led business because you not only want to build a sustainable, abundant future for you and your family, and do so doing work that you LOVE, but also because you have something you want to share that creates a positive impact in the world.

Maybe you know exactly what and who you want to impact, and in what way

Or maybe you have a feeling fermenting within you that you can’t quite articulate yet

Either way, you know you have potential to realise and a voice to use.

If this is you, it’s time for you to hone your heart-led message.


You know the world needs more loving care and attention

It’s time for you to be heard.



Whether you’re a coach, a consultant, an author, a speaker or in any other business and have a message to share

In this short, free guide, you'll learn how to hone your heart-felt ‘impact’ message so that you can 

  • Express your message with confidence to the world (No more scrabbling around trying to figure out exactly what you want to say)
  • Attract ideal clients who resonate with you through this message (People who say ‘She’s the one for me,’ not ‘Meh, she seems pleasant enough, but who’s next?') and, as a result, 
  • Grow your impactful business (to have the success and fulfilment you’ve been longing to have in your work. A 9-5 just doesn’t allow the autonomy, flexibility & freedom you need, does it?)

If you want to gain CLARITY on

The heart-felt, soul-led, ‘impact’ message you want to share

HOW it relates to your business (maybe it’s obvious, but maybe it’s less so) and 

The wider purpose behind you sharing this message and the IMPACT you want to have



And, bonus!

Just because you know the message you want to share doesn’t mean it feels easy to do so, does it? So, we’ll also look at the Mindset underneath your ability to show up and share your message confidently and consistently, because your Mindset will determine your approach to becoming visible and the energy and ease with which you do so.



Hello! I’m Elle Turner and I’m a writer, business mindset and leadership mentor. I’m also a mother and lifelong learner on a heart-led mission to harness the power of thought leadership, mindset & personal growth to help you express your heart-felt, soul-led message with confidence to the world, grow your own impactful business and be the business owner you want to be.

Start here by honing your heart-led message!