Build the Business Owner



You want to attract, convert & impact your clients so that you can experience time freedom, feel fulfilled by the work you do, have autonomy over your schedule and

Gain financial freedom from having your income potential in your own hands…

I absolutely understand, because so do I! 


If you're a solopreneur or micro business owner who wants to cut through all the noise in the online space, trust your own thoughts and think like a business owner, so that you can go from overwhelmed and bogged down in the day-to-day of your business to taking confident and consistent action to achieve the job fulfilment, autonomy and flexibility you crave, then

Build the Business Owner is the Entrepreneurial Leadership group programme for you.

Learn how to step up as the leader your heart-led, impactful business needs. 



My favourite line EVER from a testimonial 


"You can tell that she truly cares about you" 

I do. 



Hey there, I’m Elle Turner, a writer, boy (x2) mum, cat (x2) mum and lifelong learner.

I’m also an entrepreneurial leadership development mentor for heart-led entrepreneurs - mainly solopreneurs & micro business owners -  who want to grow an impactful business. 

The ONE thing I absolutely believe is that Business IS Personal.

No matter what business you are building, no matter who you serve, or how you serve them, you need to Build the Business Owner to build a successful, fulfilling, impactful business.

If you started your business because you not only want to build a sustainable, abundant future for yourself and your family, and do so through doing work that you LOVE, but also because you’re determined to have a positive impact in the world, then I've combined my background in Sociology, almost twenty years in Human Resources, extensive writing experience and, now, over five years in the online business space to help you focus on the real difference maker in your own business success - YOU.


I'd love to see you inside Build the Business Owner!