TWO types of ACTION for business growth


You have to take ACTION if you want to move your business forward


Whatever it is you want to do so that you can experience business growth

=>Grow your audience

=>Sign more clients

=>Add another revenue stream


(or all three and more because you get to choose!)


You’re going to have to DO something to make it happen.


The tricky bit is, though, you have to do something, but not just anything


Let me ask you:

=>Are you feeling stuck and holding yourself back from taking ACTION in your business? or

=>Are you taking ACTION left & right desperate for something to work?


Been there and been there


Which is why today I want to talk to you about the TWO types of ACTION you need to take to grow your business.

So, not only the type that likely springs to mind first when you hear the word ACTION (such as posting on social media, doing Livestreams, recording a podcast, making offers, securing sales calls or whatever’s relevant to your business)


But also the regular action of INNER WORK - the Clarity and Mindset work - because it’s regular and repeated action to gain CLARITY and cultivate, manage and maintain your MINDSET that allows you to take the other ACTION (such as posting, livestreams and recording podcasts) more decisively and more effectively, because you’re doing them from a place of expansion and with intention


The EXTERNAL WORK that you do needs to be rooted in having the clarity and confidence to do it in a way that moves your business forward

Instead of:

=>Trying anything because you’re coming from a place of fear or desperation 

=>Trying nothing because you’re stuck not knowing what to do and unable to think clearly or

=>Being run by your to do list and losing sight of what’s going to actually move you forward as opposed to just keeping you busy (I reckon that this is the sneakiest one).

You need to do the inner work, the business mindset work, the regular mindset practice to build your business mindset for success so that you can grow your audience, sign more clients or add another revenue stream (all the good things we talked about above) and achieve the business growth that enables you to get what you want from your business for your life and be the business owner you want to be.

So, what does taking action on, and prioritising, inner work actually mean? 

It means actively working on your business mindset to underpin the external actions you’re taking, the day to day ‘doing’ in your business, so that you can take this action with more clarity, confidence, energy, ease and enjoyment

Not just because it feels better (although it sure as heck does feel better)

But because of what it means for the quality of the actions that you’re taking too for the long term sustainability of your business. 

Here’s the thing:

If you don’t gain clarity on what’s important to you, what matters most and what you want to get from business for yourself, those around you, for the wider world, or all three (whatever resonates with YOU)

You run the risk of building a business you don’t love, that doesn’t meet your needs and that you either can’t or don’t want to sustain.

If you don’t intentionally work on your mindset in terms of believing in what you’re doing, having faith in your abilities, trusting that you can find solutions and make quality decisions that you can stick to even when you don’t experience instant gratification by way of results

Then you risk falling foul of self doubt, fear of failure, shiny object syndrome, or trying all the things, but not giving anything long enough to work. 

It doesn’t matter what level of business you’re at, what experience you’ve got or not got, Business mindset work is ongoing work. 

So tell me, do you actively prioritise working on building your business mindset?

This is exactly what we talk about and work on in Success Story Journalers, my free private FB group creating Clarity, Confidence & Community for Entrepreneurs. If you want to build a unique, heart-led business and want to cultivate, manage and maintain a business mindset to support you, come on over and join us!

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