This is what your role models know...

Who are your business role models, the inspiring entrepreneurs you admire for their success and achievements? What do they say about developing a growth mindset, focusing on personal growth, the importance of mindset work as a business activity? I think I know the answer. Do you? Click through to read more.

Think about who you admire in business.

Who are your role models?

Whose business do you look at and see what’s possible for you? Who’s where you want to be?

Whose way of showing up do you admire - whether it’s their writing or the way they are on video? Whose website gives you all the feels?

(For avoidance of doubt, I’m not talking about imitating, copying in any way shape or form and I’m not talking about envy or comparing yourself unfavourably, the latter being way too easy to do)

I’m talking about while you’re doing you 

And working towards your own vision of personal success, fulfilment and impact

Creating a business doing work that you love and that plays to your strengths

Who are you learning from?

Whose posts do you read and podcasts do you listen to? Whose name are you happy to see regularly in your email box?

Who are these people?

And what do they say about their business mindset?


What do they say about inner work and how it’s contributed to where they are?

What priority do they place on it? (If you have a connection to them, ask them directly).

Think about what they say, then look at what they’ve achieved.


Make Your Business Work for YOU - the Masterclass

Is it the achievement you want for yourself? 

It’s my experience that the successful people in business prioritise shoring up their personal reserve, working on their personal growth as a business necessity because they KNOW it’s the root from which to grow their business and do the work they love.

These talented and successful humans know that focusing on the inner work is important and they’re committed to doing so. 

They have clarity

They work on their mindset 

And they take action to achieve what they want.

As a business mindset mentor, I help entrepreneurs & creatives establish a foundation of inner work - clarity + mindset for action & success as a business mindset so that you can make your business work for you.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Look for whose word you always take  

Then come back and see me about building your business mindset

So that you can be someone you admire in business too.

Elle xo

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Make Your Business Work for YOU - the Masterclass


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