THE THREE Rs for achieving your goals

Journaling is a powerful business mindset & personal development tool to help you gain clarity in your business. Reflect on these goal setting tips in your journal to review, refresh and reset your goals throughout the year to stay on track in your business.


At the start of the year I posted about goal setting (along with the world and its high achieving dog 😆) and I wanted to check in with you to see how you’re getting along now that we’re a couple of months into 2020.

If you didn’t see my original post it’s here but, to save you looking, I’ll give you a quick recap of the two main points now.

 👉I goal set for direction not destination because I’m more concerned with making continuous progression in an upwards direction, than striving for something that may or may not happen within an arbitrary time period.

 👉I don’t mind missing my goals because they’re ever evolving and I review, refresh and reset them regularly.

So I thought today we could have a talk about reviewing, resetting and refreshing goals. As we’re a few weeks into the year, there’s been time for things to go awry but that’s:

 👉Not a reason to chuck in the towel

 👉Not a reason to get mad or down or yourself

It’s a reason to review, refresh and reset.

And the place to do that’s in your journal.

 💚Look at the goals you set

 💚Assess where you are with them

 💚Think about how you FEEL about your progress, the goal and your method of achieving it. Does anything need tweaked?

 💚If you did put timescales against them, even loose ones, are they still valid?

 💚If there’s something that’s not gone as you expected, assess why and look to see if lack of clarity or a mindset dip or issue needs to be addressed.

I’m not saying it’ll always be a clarity issue or mindset dip - if you wanted to paint your garden fence but it’s been under three feet of snow - there’s your reason, but I’m also guessing you wouldn’t feel bad about that...

If you’re having any down or yourself wobbles about goals that have gone awry, it’s  more likely to be a clarity or mindset issue ripe for a journaling solution!

Is there something you haven’t started on yet even though you were raring to go on 1 January? If that’s the case:

Review - is it still valid?

Refresh - if yes, does it need tweaked now that we’re a few weeks down the road? Did you maybe take on too much in one go, does it need to be broken down further? 

Reset - recommit if it still has value to you.

And do this regularly to keep yourself moving in an upwards direction without suffering from the rigidity of the did-I-meet-my-goal-yes-or-no mindset.

The bottom line is that wasting energy on unhelpful feelings isn’t going to help you make progress. Calmly and objectively reviewing, refreshing and resetting and, MOST importantly, honestly checking to see if you’re getting in your own way and need to do some mindset work to grease the wheels, will help you take the action you need to take to achieve what you want to achieve. 

How are you getting on with the goals you set for your business and/or creative project? 

Elle xo

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