The benefits of having a regular journaling practice.

Develop a regular journaling habit and discover the benefits of journaling for personal growth.


Let’s talk about the benefits of having a regular journaling practice.

Or, more specifically, the benefits of having a regular journaling practice for personal growth as a companion to your efforts to start or maintain your business or creative project.

If you’ve read anything from me before, you’ll know that journaling is my go-to tool to support me on my personal growth and success path and I find it a crucial companion in my business.

One of the reasons for this is the diligent thinking capacity a journaling practice allows me to access.

My journal is a quiet, personal space for me to gain clarity, orient my mindset and determine the action I’m going to take that will help me move towards the bigger picture goals I’ve set myself.

I call the journaling I do as part of my morning routine my Daily Orientation Pages. These set me up for the day and help me take actions, (however small they need to be some days), and pay deliberate attention to where I want my energy to flow so that I can make progress towards my business and creative goals.

That’s why I journal, but why do I advocate journaling for personal growth specifically as a business companion?

Because I know it’s focusing on my personal inner requirements that will lead to the success of my external projects.

How do I know this?

Well, in short, from NOT knowing it at the start of my business and falling flat on my face.

{Listen} I can still hear the thud reverberate.

Overwhelm, self-sabotage, fear of putting myself ‘out there’ and imposter syndrome

I didn’t see them coming.

I was ready for having to learn a lot of new things

I was ready for feeling like the new girl and having the feeling of starting again (which in my early to mid-40s was kind of weird, but also kind of rejuvenating).

What I wasn’t ready for was the toll it would take on me and the obstacles it would put in my path.

The obstacles I would put in my path.

It wasn’t until I realised these obstacles were living inside me (and breeding, it seemed) that I knew I had to find a mechanism for getting them out.


It’s through putting pen to paper that I was able to uncover and work to shift the limiting beliefs that were causing me so much havoc and delay.

Are these limiting beliefs ever gone for good? Not all of them, in my experience, but that’s OK. Because with a framework of intentional journaling for ongoing personal development support, when they raise their sneaky heads, you’ll be there with the journaling


And with a framework of intentional journaling for ongoing personal development support, you always have a practice on hand to support you in developing the clarity and supportive mindset you need to take action on your business or creative projects.

And I believe that’s important because, in my experience, it’s quite easy to feel buoyed up when you're:

  • Talking to your coach
  • Watching a FB live or webinar that resonates with you or
  • Working through an online course

But what I want to give you, as well as all these things (the coaching experience, the content that resonates, the supportive online courses)

Is an ongoing regular practice that’s available to you

  • The day you wake up with a cold
  • Have a flat tyre
  • And find the cat’s thrown up in your shoe 😂

Bearing in mind that might all happen on the same day, because that’s just the way it goes sometime, right? 😂

How would it feel to have a practice for doing the inner work, the clarity and mindset work that allows you to focus your energy and action in the way that serves you and your business?

So that you always remember that the solution is within you, whatever’s going on around you (or your shoe).

Does that sound good to you? Are you now giving your cat side eye? Let me know!

Elle xo

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