Success Journaling for Personal Growth

Book lovers in business and creative writers will love that Success Journaling uses the elements of fiction as a structure for personal development.


Do I see any BOOKWORMS out there?

I sure do!

If you’re struggling to find the confidence, belief and energy to fully commit to your business or to getting your creative project out into the world in the way you’ve wanted to for SO long

Because you’re stuck, feeling miserable

Uncertain, and maybe even that

You’ve been deluding yourself by even thinking you might have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, a professional creative or whatever it is that you want to DO

Then listen up, because this one’s for you.

My Success Journaling for Personal Growth framework uses the element of fiction as a structure for gaining the personal clarity, supporting mindset and tools to take action to achieve your own vision of success, fulfilment and impact

And flourish doing the work you want to bring to the world.


Think of the main character in a book you love.

Broadly speaking, chances are that, at the beginning of their story, they want something from life that they haven’t got, but that really matters to them.

Throughout their story they grow and change, learning more about themselves and who they are along the way.

By the end of the story, even though it’s not been without challenge, the character’s life is enhanced, they feel achievement, a sense of peace or happiness originally missing from their days and you know they’re going to move onwards and upwards from there.

That’s a simplistic way to describe one possible character arc but, when you think about it, a story needs its protagonist to learn, act and grow or the story just isn’t as good as could be.

The same is true of our own life story.

As a writer and bookworm, I love to think about the parallels between life and fiction. That’s why my method of Success Journaling uses the principles of fiction (such as character, setting, dialogue etc) as a structure for working on our personal growth to support and further our business and creative goals.


To be honest, I think it brings a bit more fun to a personal growth practice and I feel it’s a bit more me than it would be talking about personal development without that angle.

This isn’t about a fictional character, though, this is about real, live, wonderful YOU. 

And he fact that you have everything you need within you to write your own character arc.

If there’s something you want at the moment in your life or business (let’s call this the start of the story)

You can GROW and DEVELOP, through gaining clarity and cultivating a supportive mindset 

so that you can take action towards the goal you’re looking to achieve.


In other words:

You can write the next chapter of your life story

Don’t leave your happy ending to chance.

Elle xo

I’m Elle Turner, a writer and personal development coach for entrepreneurs and creatives. YOU can take charge of your future and fulfil your potential through Success Journaling, a powerful tool for personal growth.


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Journaling for personal growth for entrepreneurs and creatives. Personal development tool to help when you start a business.

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