Stop feeling guilty for wanting to be successful

I believe self development for business success to be vital and that journaling is the best personal development tool to use.


Me: I was sure I’d do more than this…

My brain: Really? Why? What’s so special about you, hmm?

Me: It’s not like that. I just mean, I pictured things turning out differently.

My brain: <snorts> You and the rest of the world, pet. Stop being silly. You already have a home, a family, a job. What more do you want?

Me: <mortified> I know, I know, and I’m so grateful, believe me, but…

My brain: Oh, there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there? You self-indulgent, greedy…


OK, I think it’s time to stop that conversation there.  😉


But let me just say this, if you’ve ever had a similar conversation with yourself, I get it. My brain and I went over and over this sort of chat for years, and it left me (and my brain!)  feeling unfulfilled, conflicted and so very guilty for wanting to do “something more” with my life.


Does this resonate with you?


If it does, I’m so sorry you feel like that. It’s frustrating, upsetting, exhausting and ultimately keeps you stuck in a cycle of ambition and thwarted hopes, desire for more, then self-doubt and shame at what you (spoiler alert: mistakenly!) identify as greed and selfish dissatisfaction.


I’ve been there and it’s horrible, so let me help you stop feeling that way, now.


Because, here’s the thing. after years of staying stuck in that destructive pattern, I finally woke up to something I’d really known all along.


When we go all out for our “something more”, we shift mentally into a position to give so much more to our life and those around us – our family, our work, our relationships and the wider world.


And, if you look at it that way, it’s not selfish to want to fulfil our potential, and wanting to achieve our very own vision of personal success is definitely nothing to feel guilty about.


It took a lot of journaling, personal development research and exploration but as I worked, tentatively at first, on getting to know myself better and figuring out what I really wanted from life, I started to feel differently about focusing on myself in this way.


As I started to shift the balance of my life towards what mattered to me most, I felt more positive, more capable and had more energy to give to those around me. Rather than feeling totally depleted with all my energy being sucked away by the day to day of putting one dissatisfied foot in front of the other, I started to believe in the hope and possibility that finding my personal “something more” would benefit my family too. Hooray for that!


So, where did I start?


Journaling was, and continues to be, central to me making positive shifts in my life. Putting pen to paper helps me get to know myself better, clarify what matters to me most and most importantly, helps me explore and shift the unhelpful mindset and thought patterns (unnecessary guilt, anyone? 😉) that hold me back.


I call it Success Journaling, a creative, fun and powerful tool for personal development that will empower you to take charge of your future and fulfil the potential you know you have within you.


Does that sound good to you?


I believe personal development is a lifelong practice that should be FUN in its progress. It’s about working to continually achieve a vision of personal success that will likely keep evolving. That we can keep changing, growing and developing is one of the joys in life.  And isn’t it even better to know that by doing so, we can spread that joy around? That's what I'm constantly aiming for and Success Journaling helps me on my way. If this sounds like something you’re aiming for too, then I’m glad we’ve found each other.


If you’d like a lifelong companion for clarity, creativity, support and success, Success Journaling may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Are you ready to take charge of your future and fulfil the potential you know you have within you? Then get your FREE copy of How to stop feeling guilty for wanting something more from life. This guide and the journaling exercises inside are designed to help you make this first important mindset shift to support you as you embark on your own personal development.


What do you say? It’s worth asking your brain’s opinion, for sure, but don’t forget to ask your heart too.


It’s your call but, personally, I’ve never heard my heart snort*. 😉




 *resists the urge to put that on a T-shirt. 😉


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If you feel guilty for wanting "something more" from life, then you're not alone. Click here to find out how to stop feeling guilty now!It’s not selfish to want to fulfil our potential, and wanting to achieve our very own vision of personal success is definitely nothing to feel guilty about. Click here to find out more.


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