Personal Development is not a luxury for entrepreneurs and creatives

Personal development is a key business activity to help you find how to get clarity, develop a growth mindset and take action in your heart centred business. Developing a regular journaling habit for personal growth helps you feel more confident in business and is one of the best mindset tips for female entrepreneurs.


Personal development is not a ‘nice to do’ activity in addition to the ‘work’ of our business.

It’s not a luxury that we don’t have time for.

As business owners and creatives, our personal development is a fundamental part of the success of our business or creative project.

Here’s why I say that:

In order for us to take action to get our work out into the world

To have the autonomy, flexibility, freedom

Success, fulfilment and impact we desire:

Focusing on our personal development as a business activity is a necessity.

If you’re tempted to say, ‘Put a sock in it Elle, all I need to do is market my product, grow my email list, learn about facebook ads and then I’ll have all the good feels I want,’

I would say:

Well, first of all, ‘Here take back your sock.’

But then, ‘Yes, do all these things you mentioned, for sure they’re necessary too.

But if you want to do them with more confidence, energy and ease

And without all the demoralising feelings that rear up when we try to do that work:

Doubt (is my product even good enough, are people going to be interested in my videos, posts)

Imposter syndrome (who am I to be doing this)

Overwhelm (trying to do all the things at once and feeling like you’re getting nowhere)

Worries (what if this, what if that)

Then you need to pay attention, as a matter of priority and intention, to the inner work that results in your personal growth so that you can help yourself be the business owner you want to be, without running yourself into the ground in the process.’

That’s what I would say to you.

What does personal development mean to me in the context of it being the support that underpins my business?

It means:

Gaining clarity around what I want to do and why, what matters to me and returning back to the point of why I’m doing this, my purpose, my why

Cultivating a supportive mindset - recognising where I’m holding myself back, working through those limiting beliefs and recognising when they’re my defaults, so that I can notice when they recur and turn them round quicker

So that I can take the action I want to take in and on my business to keep following my own path towards the success, fulfilment and impact I want to have 

I do this primarily through Journaling and have developed my own method of Success Journaling for personal growth primarily as a business companion. I believe it’s exactly what you need to support you as you grow your business with more clarity, confidence and ease.

Do you prioritise personal development?

Have I made a compelling case or do you have some resistance to the idea that ongoing attention to personal development is the key to business success?

Let me know!

Elle xo

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