One activity you need to prioritise to grow your business (and how to commit to making it a consistent practice)

If you’re a heart-led entrepreneur READY to attract, convert and impact your ideal customers so that you can grow your heart-led business

Then this is ONE message you NEED to hear (and take on board!)

Mindset Maintenance is not a ‘nice to do’ activity in addition to the ‘work’ of your business.

Mindset Maintenance is not a luxury that you don’t have time for.

As a business owner, building a business mindset is a fundamental part of your business success.

And here’s why I say that:

In order for you to take action to get your work out into the world

To have the autonomy, flexibility, freedom

Success, fulfilment and impact you desire

Focusing on your business mindset as a priority business activity is a necessity.

It’s tempting to say  ‘All I need to do is market my product, grow my email list, learn about facebook ads and then I’ll have all the good feels I want’

I know that, because it’s how I felt too when I started my first business.

And, yes, do all these things, for sure, they’re necessary too.

But (and here’s where I went wrong at first), if you want to do them with more confidence, energy and ease

And without all the demoralising feelings and fears that rear up when you try to do that work

You know the ones (we ALL do):

👉Doubt (Is my product even good enough, are people going to be interested in my videos, posts)

👉Imposter syndrome (Who am I to be doing this?)

👉Overwhelm (Trying to do all the things at once and feeling like you’re getting nowhere)

👉Worries (What if this, What if that)

Then you need to pay attention, as a matter of priority and intention, to the inner work that results in your personal growth so that you can help yourself be the business owner you want to be, without running yourself into the ground in the process.

Since the penny dropped that I’d never feel better about building a business until I got a handle on my inner conflict, through working on my business mindset, I’ve been able to

👉Gain clarity around what I want to do with my business and why so that I can build it around what matters to me most and remind myself regularly of my purpose, my ‘why’ (which helps me keep the faith on days that I’m just not feelin’ it).

👉Cultivate a supportive mindset so that I can recognise when and where I’m holding myself back, work through those limiting beliefs and turn them around quicker if and when they recur so that I can approach my business with more confidence, energy and ease

👉And so that I can take the action I want to take in and on my business to keep following my own path towards the success, fulfilment and impact I want to have.

I do this mindset work primarily through Journaling and have developed my own method of Success Journaling as a business mindset tool, exactly what you need to support you as you grow your business with more clarity, confidence and ease.

I’m determined to help as many people as possible build their business in a way that gets them what they want in life, without it feeling like a constant struggle, so if that’s what you’re looking to do, come and join my community! 

But, meantime, here’s the thing:

I spent ages when I started my first business in 2016 completely underestimating the power of mindset work and thinking it was nailing all the external (and more 'businessy' feeling) work that was going to lead to me feeling good about my business progress but, eventually I realised I had this completely back to front (so let me save you some time and hassle!)

The inner work is the place to start to give you the best chance of success with your business endeavours without constantly fighting with the inner gremlins of self doubt, fear, imposter syndrome and any other nasties you can name.

But this inner work, or building a business mindset, requires consistency too, and I GET that it can feel like something else to add to an already overwhelming to do list, something that you think could wait until you ‘just crack’ the online marketing conundrum or ‘hit upon’ the perfect blend of strategy and visibility that everyone else seems to have nailed faster than you can say boo.

But it’s not. 

It’s the activity that will help you gain the clarity and cultivate the supportive mindset you need to take action in your business with more confidence, energy and ease

Happy to acknowledge what you really already know, that there’s no conundrum or perfect blend

But there’s YOU and that’s really all you need.


How do you create a consistent personal growth practice to underpin your business activities and support you on your path to the success, fulfilment and impact that’s forever on your mind?

Well, this commitment is about using your body not your brain

It’s about putting your belief and energy behind the principle

Mainstreaming it and incorporating it into who you are

Developing a journaling for business mindset lifestyle as a support.

Feel into it, shift your mindset to fully embrace it and adopt is as part of your self care

Rather than it just being something you do (like a brushing your teeth type of habit)

Make it part of who you are.

Make a commitment to doing the inner work to help you make the external work happen.

Decide that you cultivate clarity

Decide that you’re the type of entrepreneur who works on your mindset so that it supports you

Decide that this will give you what you need to take the assured action that will allow you to flourish doing the work you want to bring to the world.


Make the commitment today.

Are you going to make this commitment to building your business mindset? 

Elle xo

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