Mindset work is key to an entrepreneur's business success

If you know me, you know I talk A LOT about building a business mindset because, in a nutshell, I believe this needs to be a priority business activity so that you can achieve your business goals.

So, whether your main plan at the moment is to grow your audience, convert your ideal clients into customers or design your newest offering

It’s building your business mindset that’s the key to doing all that successfully.

Where I find we go wrong (and where I’ve certainly gone wrong in the past) is that we focus so much on:

👉Crafting content that will attract people to our group or list or preferred social media account

👉Perfecting a sales conversation or

👉Showing up in as many places as possible, as consistently as possible (because we’ve all heard the scary stats about how often someone has to see what we’re offering before it gets through to them)

That we devalue or discount the importance of how we approach these important activities and the meaning we attach to what happens (or doesn’t happen) on the road to the results we are seeking.

Here’s what I mean:

👉Take any one of the examples above and think about the actions to DO THE THING (Create content, promote & sell, be consistently visible)

👉Consider the thoughts and feelings that can crop up or persist as you’re taking these actions

What if nobody reads my post /watches my video/listens to my podcast? All that work and I’m no further forward...

What if people read my post/watch my video/listen to my podcast and think it’s 💩?

What if no one buys what I offer?

I don’t want to ask anyone to give me money, that feels ugh

And they’d probably ask for a refund anyway and tell everyone I’m a fraud

I can’t post about this again. Maybe I should wait till next week and do something else today...

I’d be willing to bet we’ve all experienced these thoughts and feelings, or variations of them

And they feel horrible, right? 

But not only do they feel horrible

Instead of taking decisive and confident action towards your business goals 

You experience internal conflict, self doubt, imposter syndrome, fear

All of which drag down your energy

Leaving you feeling like it’s a daily struggle to take action to do the ‘external’ work at all.

If this resonates with you, that’s OK. With a shift of focus, you can turn it around.

The reason for all the yucky feelings and struggle is that your approach to the actions you take and the meanings you attach to them is dictated by your mindset

And if you haven’t been factoring in business mindset work as part of DOING THE THING so that you can cultivate, manage and maintain a mindset that supports the business action you need to take

You’re most likely not taking the action in the way you need to, to see the results you want.

To build the business you want (and not one that leaves you as unfulfilled and drained as your old ‘day job’ for example) you need to focus on gaining real clarity on what that actually means and cultivating a strong & supportive mindset so that you can take the action you need to take to, in a nutshell, get on with it.


You need to reframe or clear out your limiting beliefs and build your confidence so that you can take action with more energy and ease.


And, listen,  I genuinely get how mindset work can seem like a ‘nice to do’ or ‘fluffy’ activity when there’s SO MUCH else you need to focus on for business growth.

Creating content, Building relationships, Serving clients, Building products and/or service proposals, Dealing with tech, Making decisions and yet more decisions, every single day…

You certainly don’t need something else to add to the list unless it’s really going to up your game

And help you achieve your vision for your business (What is your vision, btw?) and the lifestyle you want (How do you want to feel day-to-day, year-to-year?)

I also get that perhaps you think mindset work is ‘just positive thinking’

Or reciting affirmations and mantras (I love a mantra as much as the next mindset mentor, but they have a function within mindset work, they’re definitely not the whole caboodle)

Or is just too ‘airy-fairy’ to grasp and know exactly what people are DOING when they talk about mindset work, or having a mindset practice.

I understand, and the reason I understand is that’s what I thought when I started my first online business a few years ago.

I opened an eco-friendly stationery business with the aim of incorporating original fiction onto note cards & prints and designing notebooks for journaling. I wanted to help people feel inspired and creative and my tagline was Brighten your day in a guilt-free way (guilt free because the products were eco-friendly).

I thought it was a brilliant and beautiful idea (I still do, actually) 

But I completely underestimated the toll starting a business, learning how to navigate the online space, taking the actions necessary to promote and sell my products, would have on me personally, how I felt day to day and the impact this then had on my ability to do the business work I needed to do.

I was unprepared for the personal growth that’s necessary when embarking on a business journey.

It felt bad.

Does what I’m saying sound familiar? If it does, that’s OK. I wouldn’t recommend the accidental, haphazard, overwhelming, fear-ridden way I came into the online world but, the good news is, you don’t have to.

Along the bumpy, pothole filled, joy-free road that was my first business, I learned that in order to build the business I wanted, I needed to focus on gaining real clarity on what that actually meant and cultivating a strong & supportive mindset so that I could take the action I needed to take to, in a nutshell, get on with it.


Since the penny dropped for me, that I’d spent months and months completely misunderstanding and underestimating the power of mindset and mindset work


I researched, explored, learned, practiced...


and focused on building my business mindset. 


Now I approach my business with more clarity, confidence and ease which means I’m no longer permanently riddled with self-doubt, I make better (and faster) decisions, I feel better about taking actions that previously scared me and, most importantly, I take these actions even when they feel uncomfortable. (Turns out, discomfort isn't actually that big a deal, it can just feel like it). 


So, what did I do to build my business mindset? Was it all airy fairy mantras and positive thinking?


Well, first of all, let’s get rid of the past tense, because mindset work is an ongoing activity, a practice.


What DO i do to build my business mindset? IS it all airy fairy mantras and positive thinking?




I actually think mindset work is the perfect blend of practical, logical activities and emotional, energetic and/or spiritual work


And the beauty of it is, it can be whatever works for you. 


If you want to take logical, sequential ‘thinking’ steps, you can.


If you want to focus more on how you feel, you can.


If you want to do both, you can.


It’s your mindset, after all.

The aim is to cultivate, manage and maintain a mindset that supports your vision of success and fulfilment and enables you to take the action (Sticking with the examples above - Create content, promote & sell, be consistently visible online) to achieve what you want (To attract, convert & impact ideal clients & customers so that you can grow your business and have it give you want you want in your life).

I’ve found Journaling to be the best tool and I’d encourage you to give it a go, but other (healthy) pursuits that make you feel good/better, for example meditation, yoga or other exercise or any form of what you consider personal development can play a part.

I use Intentional Journaling because a journal provides an open, confidential, non-judgemental space for you to dump, and then order, your thoughts. When we apply language to these thoughts, when we describe or define them, we create clarity through this articulation.

Journaling allows our brain to go at handwriting speed (most likely slower than it goes most of the time!) and frees up room in our heads as we get our thoughts down on paper. 


And it’s a way of claiming (or reclaiming) and reinforcing your personal agency around your thoughts and beliefs, because your journaling is between you and you.


In short, Journaling allows us to harness the power of writing and language (and, yes, can include affirmations and mantras for maintenance) to gain clarity and develop a mindset for making decisions and taking action in business so that we can progress and achieve our business goals and do so with more clarity, confidence and ease.

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