Journaling: A lifelong companion for success

Ongoing personal development is the key activity to achieve the clarity and confidence necessary to achieve personal success and fulfilment in business.


I’m on a mission to help us create a life round what matters to us most, achieve our own personal vision of success and fulfilment and have a positive impact on our world, all while bringing more fun and creativity into our lives.


Through journaling for personal development

I’ve been journaling on and off since childhood (so a loooonnnnggg time, lol). Over the last several years it’s taken on a more central role in my life as I’ve discovered the power of journaling in helping me manage and enhance my daily life, practically, creatively and emotionally.

I call it Success Journaling, and I’ve found it a powerful tool. #HoorayForThat


For years I felt stuck and stifled, wanting ‘something more’ from my life, but feeling guilty because I was already very lucky.

I had a home, a family, a job (albeit one that I didn’t find particularly challenging and that I didn’t often enjoy).

How could I be so ungrateful and selfish as to even dare to think there was more I could do, more I could have, more I could be?

Does that sound familiar?

Eventually, after A LOT of writing (in my journal), I came to realise something I’d really known all along:

When we achieve our potential and feel better about our life, we can GIVE so much more to our family, our work, our relationships and the wider world.

And now, after even more personal development research and exploration, I’d go further than that.

I believe that trying to achieve our personal vision of success and be happy is the best way we can demonstrate gratitude for the life we’ve been given.

So, now, that’s what I’d LOVE to help us all to do.


If you still feel uncomfortable about focusing on yourself, or your own personal success and fulfilment, I get it. It’s a really hard feeling to shake.

Perhaps you think it’d be selfish, or perhaps it’d be something ‘nice to do one day’ because you’ve got so much else on your plate. I totally get that too.

But, to think about it another way, let’s talk for a second about the human hierarchy of needs as developed by Abraham Maslow, first in the 1940s.

As everyone does at some point in the day, right?

Although it has been developed and refined by both himself and others over the years, Maslow’s theory tells us that self-actualisation, or personal fulfilment, is a human NEED.

A NEED, so not a selfish flight of fancy, or something that only ‘other people’ should experience.


The bottom line is, therefore, it’s OK for you to need it too.



If we have our needs further down Maslow’s pyramid largely met, therefore allowing our minds to turn to a desire for self-actualisation, then we are in a privileged position, regardless of the day-to-day situations that arise in our lives.

My suggestion is that we demonstrate our gratitude by unapologetically making the very most of our lives and doing the best job we can as humans to spill as much light, energy and positivity into the world around us as we can.

How does that sound? I’d love to know what you think!


If by now you agree that focusing on your own personal development is a good thing -  for you, those around you and the wider world too – you might be asking why use journaling as the tool? How does journaling help?

(Besides the fact that, as an introverted, stationery loving bookworm, journaling for clarity and self-expression is a perfect way for me to navigate my life because I find writing easier than talking?  OK, well, besides that..)

When I started Journaling as a key part of my personal development, without really knowing what I was doing initially, I started to get to know myself better and realised it was something I hadn’t really consciously stopped to think of before.

Who was I as an individual? What did I really believe, like, want from life? Me, just me. Not in relation to anyone else.

It was a bit weird at first because it’s not something we’re often (ever?) encouraged to do, is it? But I found these fundamental pieces of information I needed to make the shifts I’ve made in my life and career.

For a long time I felt pretty guilty about journaling being so important to me. But, when I realised it was helping me make positive changes in my life and, by extension, a positive difference to my family, I was hooked. Now I consider journaling for personal development my lifelong, life enhancing companion for clarity, creativity, support and success.

Whenever I want to CREATE a change to better my life, THINK something through or, most importantly, EXPLORE and shift the unhelpful mindset and thought patterns that hold me back, putting pen to paper is always my first step.


Personal Success Activities

Not only did my journaling practice change the way I looked at my life, it confirmed my belief about personal development too.

I see personal development as a lifelong practice too, and one that should be FUN in its progress. Do you agree?

For me, it’s about working to continually achieve a vision of personal success that will likely keep evolving. I believe the fact that we can keep changing, growing and developing one of the joys in life, and isn’t it even better to know that by doing so, we can spread that joy around?

That's what I'm constantly aiming for and it's writing that helps me progress.

Now, even I realise journaling isn’t the solution to every issue we might have (Yes, I know, I’m gutted too).

However, I consider journaling, and personal development, as personal success activities, falling into the same sphere as my other efforts to enhance my life, such as meditation, healthy eating, yoga and other exercise.

I see journaling as the ‘command centre’ for the enriching activities that support my commitment to, in a nutshell, lift my life game.

That's why I journal for personal development and why I see journaling as a lifelong companion for success.

I’d love to know – what’s ONE thing you’d like journaling to support for you?

Elle xo


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Journaling for personal development is my lifelong, life enhancing companion for clarity, creativity, support and success. Click through to find out how it can help you too.Over the last several years, journaling has taken on a more central role in my life as I’ve discovered its power  in helping me manage and enhance my daily life, practically, creatively and emotionally. Click through to find out how it can help you too.

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