Is this worth your time and attention?

Are you interested in the free Make Your Business Work for YOU Masterclass, but you’re wondering if it’s really worth your time and attention?

I get it. There are so many free offerings in the online space today - guides, trainings, livestream series, masterclasses, workshops…

We can’t possibly watch all of them

And even trying to watch some of them can leave us overwhelmed with information and maybe even less certain of what to do next than before we went looking for answers!

Have you been there? 

I certainly have

So I wanted to give you a brief background on the purpose of the Make Your Business Work for YOU Masterclass and why I created it, so you can decide if you want to spend the 45 or so minutes it takes to watch it, and make use of the accompanying Journaling exercises.

I created the Masterclass because, since I started my first business in 2016, I’ve learned (the hard way) the most important work you can do when it’s your intention to build a unique, heart led business around what matters to you most 

Is NOT the work that appears most obvious and ‘businessy’ (like marketing, pricing, deciding on which social media platform will be best for promotion and selling, for example)

It’s the step before, the foundation that will enable you to do all the important marketing etc. ‘external’ work

It’s the work to develop the clarity, confidence and trust in your own abilities and the work to open yourself up to feeling deserving of the results you want to achieve.

I believe, and have experienced, that this is the work that makes or breaks your ability to do the ‘external work’ without getting in your own way.

What do I mean by Getting in your own way?

What if my product isn’t good enough?

What if I don’t know enough to deliver the service I’m offering?

What if people think I’m a fraud?

What if everyone wants a refund? 

What if people say I’m crap?

Is X the right decision or should I choose Y?

So-and-so seems to be successful (at least their social media tells me so), maybe I should do what they’re doing?

Maybe if I just download another freebie or watch a training on how to sell/market/write copy/create a funnel etc etc etc I’ll know what to do

And so it goes on. It’s exhausting.

Does is sound familiar? Don’t beat yourself up about it if so. It was me, definitely, and I’ve discovered it to be the experience of so many of us wanting to start and grow a business.

Perhaps because of the massive availability of free ‘businessy’ information online (a good thing, but also overwhelming)

And perhaps because it sounds so logical too -

  • You want to do a thing
  • So you learn about how to do the thing
  • And you do the thing

Makes sense, right? 

What I discovered, though, is that my attempts to ‘do the thing’ kicked up every doubt and fear my brain could muster when I was trying to drag it out of its comfort zone.

( 'Scientific' explanation from a non-scientific person 👇😝

My brain was used to me working my 9-5 and all of a sudden I was trying to do all these NEW THINGS.

It tried everything it could, through making me doubt myself etc, to drag me back to ‘normal’ (because it sees that as the way to do its job which is to keep me safe)

So effectively, to be able to ‘do my thing’ and work towards my business goals without being riddled with fear, self doubt, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs 

And with some much needed (and energising) clarity and confidence

I had to focus on getting my brain on board with my business plans 

Or, in other words,

I had to focus on, as a priority activity, building my BUSINESS MINDSET.

The thing that I see and that concerns me, is that so many people seem to do what I did in my early days in business

  • And assume that Mindset work was an ‘extra’ to do when I had time
  • That my ‘Mindset’ would improve as soon as I could see my business ‘working’
  • That my abilities would receive validation through sales and good feedback on my products

The bottom line is - I now know I had that back to front.

External validation (or lack of it) doesn’t trump your mindset, whether that mindset is supporting you or working against you, at least certainly not in a sustainable, business growing way.

Building a business mindset to help you Make Your Business Work for YOU is the work

It’s not a ‘nice to have’ activity

It’s the foundation of your success.

Which brings me back to the masterclass.

If you’re an entrepreneur or creative who wants to start or grow your own unique, heart-led business so that you can have

💚the life you want for yourself and your family (whether this means you work fewer hours, upgrade your lifestyle or have the freedom to work from ANYWHERE - even if this has to be the swimming pool car park while you kids have lessons)

💚a positive impact on those around you and the wider world (by having the energy to be your happiest and best self around the people you love and know, by bringing to life your big ideas that deserve to come to fruition) and,

💚especially, a positive impact on your clients by getting to them the genius that you offer, the genius that they buy from you

Then this is what you need to know (and what I teach you in the Masterclass)

  • The TWO things you need above all else for success in your business (and therefore your life, right?) *spoiler alert - if you’ve read this far, you’ll have a good idea what these two things are* 😝
  • How focusing on, and achieving, what YOU want will enable you to create the impact you want to have on those around you and the wider world and why it’s important, no actually it’s NECESSARY, that you focus on achieving everything you want and
  • The SINGLE BEST WAY to do that

In the interests of full disclosure (!), as these events tend to go, towards the end I tell you about my online course, Build Your Business Mindset for Success and how you can enrol in it but, even if you have no intention of doing that, no worries - still watch the Masterclass!

The purpose of my whole business is to help entrepreneurs (that’s you) avoid the mindset-ignoring or mindset-misunderstanding pitfalls that I fell into

And have the tools to cultivate, manage and maintain this foundational work that you can then lean on as you make the myriad decisions you need to make and take the actions you need to take as a heart-led entrepreneur.

I want you to achieve what you want from your business for your life. I want you to achieve success, fulfilment and impact on your own terms and as you define it and I want you to be the business owner you want to be.

You can sign up for the free Masterclass here and get access, of course, to the accompanying journaling exercises. 

Any questions, or if you want to know how I can support you further, please just get in touch. 

You started your business for a reason.

It’s time to make it work for you.


Elle xo

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