How to experience more EASE in your business

Confession: considering it’s pretty obvious what EASE means, when I first saw it mentioned in relation to business, I’ll admit that I got a bit confused.

I read a lot of inspiring posts from wonderfully talented entrepreneurs about achieving a feeling of ease in business.

I also read a lot of inspiring posts from wonderfully talented entrepreneurs about doing what feels good and finding ease in your business experiences day to day.

It sounded GREAT because, in my reality, ease was the last thing I was feeling.

I was riddled with self-doubt, everything was a struggle and, in short, I felt as though I must just be crap at this ‘business thing’ and that it would never feel any better because I didn’t know how to make it other than feel really hard.

It took ages for me to cotton on to what experiencing ease in business meant and how to achieve it for myself.

Even I’m throwing the word around now! 

In my biz I help entrepreneurs cultivate the clarity and supportive mindset they need to start and grow their business so they can achieve success, fulfilment and impact through their work. As part of that I show how to use journaling as a business mindset tool to help you approach your business with more clarity, confidence and ease

How did the penny drop for me?

If you’re wondering how to get ease to show up in your business, then read on.


Action that feels good = ease in business

Action = ease in business that feels good


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For example:

My coach and I talked about me getting on video for quite a bit before I started doing it.

I resisted because the idea did not feel good to me. It did not induce a feeling of ease. 

  • What if I say the wrong thing?
  • What if I look silly?

    But I knew, strategy-wise for all the goals I had, video made sense as a good thing to do. 

    I worked on my mindset around all the things that were bothering me, enough to have me start creating videos, but the idea of not experiencing ease while doing so still bugged me.

    Until I’d created enough videos to realise that ease comes from taking the action, it doesn’t dictate it.

    That’s all very well, but it still means we have to DO THE THING without feeling the EASE.

    So, how do you take action first?

    By diving into your journal to gain clarity on:

    👉What matters to you

    👉Why it matters to you and

    👉How taking action will move you nearer to the success fulfilment and impact you want to create

    By diving into your journal to focus on your mindset so that you can work through the limiting thoughts and beliefs that result in you resisting what will be best for your business.

    Clarity + Mindset = Action

    Clarity + Mindset + Action leads to ease.

    And, through developing a journaling practice to build and maintain a business mindset, that’s what you get!

    Elle xo

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