How I had to change to run my business

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When left my 9-5 to embrace self-employment, I didn’t realise that I would change as a person.

I knew I’d have to change the way I worked.

I knew I had a lot to learn and I was excited and open to doing so.

I promise I wasn’t being arrogant about my ability to make the transition, but I didn’t realise how much it would change me.


And, now I believe, for the better.

It’s not been an easy process. I’ve shed lots of tears and felt a ton of overwhelm. I felt deluded for even thinking I could figure out how to run a business.

But I’m still here and, even though I’ll admit to feeling like quitting (more than once. More than twice. In fact, genuinely I can’t even remember how many times), I now feel that I’ve developed the ability to trust myself, make big decisions from a place of empowerment instead of fear and take positive actions in my business (including the ones I don’t really want to have to take. Google analytics, anyone?  😴)

I have far more belief that I’ll be able to deal with whatever biz issues come my way.


Why is that?

Because I realised that working on my personal growth was going to be the key to running my business without running myself into the ground.

If you’re finding business harder that either you expected it to be, or want it to be, it’s so tempting to assume you’re missing something or doing something wrong.

=> Perhaps I’ve chosen the wrong platform to market on
=> Maybe I should be paying for ads
=> Perhaps it’s me and I need to learn more

Does that sound familiar?


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What I’ve found to be true instead is that my ability to make decisions around all these external business topics has become so much easier since I focused on gaining clarity on exactly what I want from my business and why, and working on my mindset so that I am not the one holding myself back and making everything feel harder than it need to feel.

This clarity + mindset work = the ability to take action in my business

And it’s action that’s going to move me towards my goals and towards achieving the personal success, fulfilment and impact I want to achieve.

That’s why I wholeheartedly believe that ongoing attention to personal development is the key to business success.


How did I get from point A (all the painfully demoralising fears) to point B (having the clarity and supporting mindset to take the action I need to run my business)?

Well, firstly and most importantly, I made peace with the fact that B is a moving target.

Cultivating clarity and developing a supportive mindset are ongoing processes that require regular work, and I do this work through intentional journaling.

Journaling is my go-to tool to support me on my personal growth and success path as one of the beauties of the practice is in the diligent thinking capacity it allows us to access.

A journal is a quiet, personal space for you to gain clarity, orient your mindset and determine the action you’re going to take that will help you move towards the bigger picture goals you’ve set yourself.

I call the journaling I do as part of my morning routine my Daily Orientation Pages. These set me up for the day and help me take actions, (however small they need to be some days), and pay deliberate attention to where I want my energy to flow.
It’s a practice I can revisit and refine as my view of my life and business and what I want from them changes over time and it’s a way to maintain and enhance a supportive mindset when day-to-day irritations threaten to derail me and my goals.

That’s why I journal and why I advocate journaling for personal growth specifically as a business companion.

If you’re ready to run your business without running yourself into the ground, an ongoing practice of intentional journaling for personal growth is just what you’re looking for.


Elle xo

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