Get visible on video with ease

Three steps you can do today for your business to attract, convert and impact your ideal clients 


Getting visible in business is part of a business owner’s job.


You want to attract your ideal client or customer to your business, to show them what it’s all about so that they know they can trust you and what you’re offering, and so that they get all the information they need to feel comfortable and safe to buy from you.


This doesn’t just bring in revenue to your business, it enables you and your product and/or service to have a positive impact in your clients and customers’ lives.


That’s what you want as a heat-led business owner and, to do all these things, to reach your ideal clients, YOU MUST BE VISIBLE to them.


There are many different ways to become visible and the choice of many platforms to become visible on. You have decisions to make about the method and medium according to where and how your ideal client consumes information, but the fastest way to get the most information to them is through VIDEO.


Not only because this allows them to get the substance of your content as they would in other formats too, but because they’re hearing your voice, seeing your face and experiencing your mannerisms. It’s the medium through which your clients or customers can pick up both verbal and visual clues - it’s really the next best way to being with them in person.


Given this, it’s logical to include video in your visibility strategy.


But, the thing is, that doesn’t make it easy to do, does it?


If you’ve read my blog (or watched my Livestreams) before, you’ll maybe have heard me talk about video being something I resisted for a while, because the thought of it made me feel more exposed and vulnerable than visible.


  • What if I say the wrong thing and ruin my business?
  • What if I look silly and someone I used to work with sees me?
  • What if people think I’ve got a fat nose? (Real worry, btw - STOP LOOKING AT MY NOSE!)

    These were the thoughts that kept running through my mind.


    Can you relate? 


    If so, keep reading because, in this post, I’m going to give you three tips that you can do today so that you can become more comfortable on video, get your message out into the world and attract, convert and impact your ideal clients.


    Although I wanted to avoid video given how I felt, I knew I had to make a choice:


    =>Stay hidden, reach no-one and have no impact OR

    =>Get uncomfortable, get on video and show my ideal people that they NEED what I have to offer. 


    The tricky bit is, my brain wanted me to choose option one, but it’s option two that was best for my business!


    One function of our brain is to keep us safe and away from what it perceives as threatening to us. This is clearly useful in many situations, but not when we’re talking about the threat being simply discomfort, moving through which would ultimately serve us.


    When it comes to getting on video for business, your brain’s desire to keep you feeling comfortable and safe is limiting you.


    In this post I’m going to guide you through what you can do, including the mindset work that allows you to move through these sorts of limitations and grow into the business owner you want to be - the one who takes the action necessary to grow your business.


    Like getting visible, even when it feels uncomfortable and something you’d rather avoid! 


    I’ve gone from avoiding video to having done over 50 Livestreams in my Facebook group, Success Story Journalers and, even better, now I actually enjoy doing them! I even sometimes find video is my preference, depending on the content I’m working on. (If you’d said that would be the case a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it!)


  • Get clear on why visibility matters in your business 

  • Grab your journal and answer this ONE question:

    => What is the message your ideal clients need you to share with them?

    When you’re worried about getting visible on video, you’re thinking about yourself and how you will feel if people laugh at you, or <insert whatever your number one fear is here>

    But, here’s the thing. This isn’t about you (said with love), it’s about what your business needs from you and about what your ideal clients need to hear from you.

    That way they can get what they need, which is ultimately the whole point in the first place, right? 

    To provide what you’re here to provide and have the impact you’re here to have.

    It’s time to get clear on your message so that you can get it out there!


  • Take one practical step to increase your confidence

    => Record a short practice video, sharing your message. You don’t need to go live at this stage, you don’t even need to post the video!  Just get used to hearing your voice out loud and seeing your own face (you’re beautiful) on camera. 

    As I said, I’ve now done over 50 Livestreams in Success Story Journalers but when I initially started on video, I pre-recorded them.

    I started pre-recording two short videos a week (5-10 minutes). This helped because it provided a ‘gap’ between me making the video and it appearing online (so I knew I hadn’t ruined my life and business before I posted it #melodramaticmuch ;-) )

    As I got more used to seeing, hearing and posting myself on video, I started to feel frustrated by the extra steps pre-recording added to the process (this was a good sign!)

    And slowly, through mindset work and this practical practice, I gained the confidence to go live. 

    So, as is often the case, it helps to start with small steps and build up your confidence as you act and gather evidence that you can do it. Because you CAN.


  • Develop a Mindset Mantra that support you

    Language is powerful, repetition is powerful, so make sure you are using words and thinking thoughts that support you in the action you want to take.

    For example:

    My message will reach the people who need to hear it today

    => Write it, say it, repeat it and let it support you and boost you as you follow steps 1 & 2, because it’s only by sharing your message that it’ll be true!

    These small steps are all part of becoming more comfortable with what currently feels uncomfortable. 

    You CAN show up and share with more confidence, energy (and enjoyment) and attract ideal clients to you and your business.

    What’s the message that showing up on video will allow you to share? 

    Head on over to Success Story Journalers and let me know! That’s another quick and easy way you can start to share!

    Elle xo

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