How to get what you want from your business without the constant struggle | 4 Journaling prompts for Entrepreneurs


Can I tell you something?

It really bugs me when people’s talents are wasted at work because the structure of traditional employment doesn’t allow them to flourish and take care of their other commitments and responsibilities in the way they want to.

In the online space I’ve met so many people who’ve said their 9-5 left them battling inner conflict between work and home, that life was all about struggle, compromise, putting up with unfulfilling work to get perceived flexibility, feeling guilty at work, feeling guilty at home.

Nowadays that really makes me mad because it’s just.not.right.

And it was my story for years before I finally got my act together 

That’s why I’m determined to help as many people as I can reach 

To build their business in a way that gets them what they want in life, without it feeling like a constant struggle. 

Because YOU deserve to feel successful and fulfilled from the work you do in the world.

And, hey, let’s not settle for sacrifice or compromise to feel that.

We’ve been there, done that and the t-shirt SUCKS.

So let’s find another way. NOW.


Make Your Business Work for YOU - the Masterclass


What I’ve found unequivocally to be true since I started my first business in 2016 (painful experience) is that to achieve our vision of personal success and fulfilment, we need tools to help us with the inner work - the clarity and mindset work - necessary to enable us to do the external work we desire.


The external work, aka what we ‘DO’ is the easier bit. It’s achieving clarity, maintaining a supportive mindset and taking action from a place of self-assuredness that makes or breaks our ability to DO anything at all.


Whatever you want to DO as an entrepreneur and creative 


Maybe you’re a writer, an artist, a jewellery maker, a coach, a photographer, a VA or a… I could go on all day 


It’s all too easy for feelings of self doubt, imposter syndrome, fear and limiting beliefs to hold us back.


However, if we focus intentionally and on building a business mindset as well as a business, then we can DO what we want to DO with more clarity, energy and ease.


That’s where I’m coming from, that’s why I developed my Success Journaling framework and that’s why I do what I do


Because I want YOU to get what you want from your business, whether that’s growing your impact, your audience or your revenue (or all three because, after all, you get to choose!)

(And I’m here to help you develop the business mindset that will help you get it).




Where to start?


How can YOU develop an intentional journaling practice as a support in your business, to almost coach yourself through the clarity and mindset pieces that allow you to take the action that will get you the result you're looking for?


Well, that’s only what I talk about all the time!


Here are four journaling exercises so that you can take some small steps in the right direction NOW.


Grab your journal and:


💜Commit to journaling for personal growth as a business activity. As much as anything it’s this shift in focus and approach that will set you off in the right direction. It’s so easy to think of all the practical businessy things as the important work and this as something more fluffy. (Of all the mistakes I made at the start of my first biz, this was the biggest and had the most detrimental impact). 

This mindset shift is key and, as you’ll hear me say a lot, mindset work is the most important business activity.

It’s your mindset that will inform the action you take and make or break your ability to take action at all.

Think about it:

If you’re coming from a place of self doubt, fear of messing up, fear of being visible or worrying about people thinking you’re an idiot, you’re going to approach everything you need to do (the action you need to take) in a very different way than if you:

=>Trust yourself to make decisions and have the resourcefulness to make changes where necessary

=>Trust yourself to be able to find solutions

=>Know yourself well enough to foresee where you might need an extra mindset boost 

So commit to your personal growth and to developing a foundational personal growth practice as an ongoing business activity.

Using the principles of Clarity, Mindset and Action




💜Start to get to know yourself better through journaling to gain clarity on 

=>what important to you, 

=>what you want to achieve, 

=>how you want to feel and 

=>what impact you want to have on those around and the wider world

(So that when you are taking action to build your business you’re doing so around what matters to you most and making your decisions with that in mind)




💜Don’t only make the shift to recognise that mindset matters, intentionally cultivate a supportive business mindset. 

Start by using your journal to uncover ONE way you’re holding yourself back (For example - are you afraid of marketing? failure? success?) 

Do you feel there’s an impediment in your way (I’m too young, too old, too<insert your own fear here>)

Instead focus on these perceived limitations, focus on an empowering belief about yourself and your abilities that will support you in getting where you want to go.

For example, if your mind defaults to ‘I’m probably not good enough to pull this off’ because our default settings are often mean, the empowering version of that is ‘This is what it’ll be like when I pull this off’ and lean into feeling the achievements and impact you already identified in the CLARITY exercise. 




💜Do one small thing today that will take you closer to your goals (Hint: you’ll already have done it if you’ve decided to give these exercises a go!)

Remember, baby steps are still steps, progress is progress and perfection isn’t an option.

It’s these internal components of clarity and mindset work that support you in taking action, whatever that action might be in your business (for example, creating and publishing content, selling creative work, launching a course, booking clients into your service etc. etc. etc).

That’s why, for me, Clarity + Mindset = Action that sets you on the path to your own vision of personal success, fulfilment and impact from the work you bring to the world.


Question: What do you want from your business for your life? 

Elle xo

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Make Your Business Work for YOU - the Masterclass





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