Is working on your Business Mindset a priority?

Make it a priority to build your business mindset as well as build your business so that you can approach your work with more clarity, confidence & ease & achieve the success, fulfilment & impact you want. Click through to read more.


As a business mindset mentor (and a human being), I’m acutely aware of how the upheaval we’re experiencing is affecting our business mindset.

A business mindset is something that needs ongoing attention anyway, during both the good and the bad times


But at times like this, when we’re facing uncertainty, unprecedented challenges and perhaps are stretched by a change in our daily normality (for example, through homeschooling children alongside working or having to be available for vulnerable relatives)

Then we bump up against the idea that working on our business mindset is

  • Dispensable
  • A luxury
  • Something to do when things return to normal

It feels less necessary, because it’s more intangible than our other business activities

So we jump to focusing on all the practical stuff on our to do list

We pare back to what we see as the essentials (for example, creating the same amount of content as usual, appearing on all the same platforms with the same frequency)

And so often

(And so erroneously)

But so understandably

(But so unadvisedly)

We ditch our mindset work

And we ditch our other personal success activities

Because we don’t see them as priorities.

And even when we know better

We can still experience the twinge of guilt that it’s self indulgent or think I’ll skip it just this once because it doesn’t matter as much as XYZ

Then we do it again

And find we’ve started down a path that goes in the opposite direction to the path to success, fulfilment and impact that we want to be on.

Does that resonate with you?

If so, I want to remind you today that

Doing inner work is practical

Working on your business mindset is important

Because it underpins all the other work

That leads to your results.

And allows you to approach all the other work with more clarity, confidence and ease.

I have a full post on how to take care of the inner work that will help you keep working and making positive progress throughout this time of uncertainty, disruption and change (And, certainly, any questions you feel I can help you with, just ask).


But meantime, are you prioritising mindset work right now?


Elle xo

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