Clarity, Mindset & Action when the unexpected happens

Gain clarity, work on your mindset and take action to manage your business through challenges and uncertainty. When time is tight, your focus is fractured and uncertainty, overwhelm and indecision throw you off course, focus on journaling for business mindset & personal growth to support your business activities. Read the full post here.


Hey my love,

If you feel like the only thing that’s certain at the moment is that we’re facing a prolonged, worrying and changeable time, then you also know that you’re most definitely not alone.


We’re all affected by the spread of the coronavirus, we all have the opportunity here to be kind and help each other (albeit safely at a distance), and I know these are permanent desires of the people in this community.


But we’re also going to be affected in different ways professionally and personally depending on the nature of our businesses, the nature of our personal responsibilities and the situations around us that we simply can’t control.


=> Perhaps your children are at home needing your care and attention during the times you would normally be devoting to work, leaving you strapped for time and your routine disrupted.


=>Perhaps you’re worried about friends and family near and far and feel uncertain how best you can help them, leaving your focus fractured.


=> Perhaps you’re worried about your business and the effect of a decline in face to face contact. Or if your business is all online, perhaps you’re asking yourself is it crass to continue with business as usual? This indecision may leave you feeling unable to take any action because you don’t know what to do for the best.


=>Most likely you have a hundred other thoughts flying around your head and perhaps overwhelm and uncertainty have taken the wheel.


Here's the thing:


Wherever you’re at at the moment, whatever you’re feeling, remember and take comfort from two things:

  • You have the capability to take charge of the situation you’re in - everything you need is already within you
  • Taking baby steps and looking after yourself throughout are part of the action of taking charge


I wanted to give you my thoughts on how to keep working and making positive progress throughout this time of uncertainty, disruption and change. Thinking in terms of the clarity, mindset and action principles, there are some topics below to journal on so that you can:

  • Assess where you’re at
  • Clarify what you need to take care of
  • Decide how you’re going to progress and, most importantly,
  • Commit to how you’re going to prioritise and manage your mindset, and remember your personal success activities, so that you are equipping yourself as best you can to positively and energetically cope through the pandemic we’re facing.

It may seem counter-intuitive to spend time on these activities when your time, plans and routines are already disrupted, but in fact the opposite is true.


It is so important to focus on you, personally, first so that you have the clarity, confidence and energy to support yourself and others through these unprecedented times. That doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process, you just need to start by being mindful that it’s important.


So, in your journal, both now and whenever you need to:




💜Get clear on how unexpected events have changed your day to day priorities and the impact this will have on your actions/activities/plans/clients etc. so that you know what you’re dealing with, who you have to communicate with and what you need to prioritse.

💜What time do you realistically have to work on your business or creative project? Has this changed?

💜From everything you planned to do, strip back to the essential tasks that could move you forward during the timeframe available to you (and by move you forward, I also mean help you take charge of your situation)

💜From this you can prioritise your top daily task/top five weekly tasks, or whatever works for you, so you have clarity on where to start each day when time is perhaps tight, focus is split and your normal practice disrupted. This will help ensure you’re spending time each day on what matters most, you’re clear on where to focus your time and energy to do the best with what you have.

💜Double down on thinking about your big ‘whys’. Remember why you started your business and why you want to get your work out into the world. Your ‘whys’ are still there, you’re just reformulating your approach to your goals in the short term.


Work on your MINDSET


💜Ask yourself, How do I feel today?

💜Acknowledge however you feel, it’s OK. Prioritise taking care of yourself in a way that will help. Lean into your personal success activities. (See this post if you’re not familiar with the term personal success activities )

💜How would it serve your priorities for you to feel? What are the actions you can take to achieve that? Remember what makes you feel good and commit to doing something, for example (at home) yoga, meditation and particularly journaling, every day.

💜Pay attention to your internal dialogue and reframe it if it’s not serving you. (See this post on internal dialogue for more )

💜Practice affirmations. Write them in your journal, repeat them out loud. Stick them on post-its around your house. Whatever works best for you. I’ve given you some suggestions below, but also write your own specific to your particular challenges. Remember to frame all your statements positively eg:


❌I’m not going to procrastinate

✅I take regular positive action in a sustainable way

  • I am strong, resourceful and wholeheartedly trust myself
  • Everything I need is already within me
  • Whatever I can do, I am doing enough
  • I am making positive progress and I thank myself for that




With this clarity and your attention to your mindset you are equipped to take positive, progressive action and, as we know, it’s action that leads to results.


The key thing here is to break your actions into small steps. Baby steps are still steps, progress is progress and perfection isn’t an option - these things are always true.


From your journaling prompted by the exercises and questions above, you know your priorities, you know you’ve got this, so consider:


💜What will I do today to make progress?

💜What do I believe to be true about myself and my abilities that will support me today?

💜Where am I going to focus my energy?

💜How will I take care of myself today?

💜And very importantly, What am I grateful for today?


I hope this helps you use the tool of journaling to support yourself through your ‘corona experience’ alongside taking all the precautions advised and actions prescribed for the safety of yourself and others in your own geographical area.


Maybe we can take some comfort from all being in it together. Certainly, any questions you feel I can help you with, just ask.


Elle xo

As an additional resource, I’m sharing an episode of the Limitless Mother podcast hosted by my business coach, Cori Javid. She created a process of Micro Days to help her maintain business and money making activities in times of general time and routine disruption. It’s not corona related, so bear that in mind, but I think you’ll find the concept helpful (and her manner will bring some sunshine to your day). You can listen to the 33 minute episode here (main topic starts around 5 mins in). 


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