The many benefits of journaling

 The benefits of developing a journaling habit for personal growth


Since I started focusing on writing, both fiction and journaling, I’ve experienced so many positive changes that I now take every opportunity to find out more about how these activities can be used to enhance our daily lives.

I started Elle Turner Creative because I’m on a mission to help us create a life round what matters to us most, achieve our own personal vision of success and fulfillment and have a positive impact on our world, all while bringing more fun and creativity into our lives. 

I've long believed a journaling routine as part our own personal success activities (the term I use instead of "self-care") can help us build a creative connection, both with ourselves and the world around us, increase our happiness and support our passage through daily life and our personal development.

As well as the personal benefits I’ve found because it’s “my thing”, writing has been proven to have health benefits depending on the type of writing you do. Hooray for that!

Science says…

The most quoted study I’ve seen when it comes to talking about health benefits is the one carried out by James W. Pennebaker. He looked into expressive writing, writing about emotional episodes in your life, and the effect this activity had on participants afterwards. His study showed the act of articulating feelings on paper had a positive impact on both physical and emotional well-being, including helping with stress, anxiety and depression.

Pennebaker’s study gave rise to a number of other explorations into the health benefits associated with writing. His book, Opening up by Writing it down (co-written with Joshua Smyth), presents a compelling case for writing as a method of enhancing well-being, both physical and emotional, supported by the findings of numerous studies over the past 30 or so years. 

And, to me, this makes so much common sense too. A journal provides an open, confidential, non-judgemental space for us to dump, and then order, the thoughts in our head that, if left to swim around untended, may become muddled, lost, or grow into bigger concerns than they need to be.

What health benefits have been found?

I’ve linked to some interesting articles below on the topic (the pros and some cons). Reduced blood pressure, a better immune system, enhanced psychological well-being and improved memory are just some of the health benefits that have been cited for putting pen to paper and committing words to a page.

What I’ve found…

In my own experience, journaling has been a very effective way for me to navigate worries and upsets. It does resonate with me, however, that in some situations it can make some personality types feel worse. I have to take conscious steps not to write myself round in circles, but instead identify what I need to do to change a situation and then do it.

What I do most of the time is not expressive writing, because I’m not concentrating on emotional episodes particularly, but I still find it so beneficial. Writing is my path to expressing and developing my creativity, working out what I want to do with my life and business, and I’ve personally experienced the emotional benefits of doing so too.

With all this as a backdrop, I started Elle Turner Creative because I want to help people create their personal vision of a successful and fulfilling life and have a positive impact on their world through writing. <Disclaimer> None of my content will claim medical benefits, because I’m not a medical professional and have no medical background. In fact, you’ll get sick of me stressing that you should seek qualified advice if you need help and encouraging you not to be shy about doing so. If you’ve read my story here, you’ll know I’ve needed anxiety medication to support me following my dad’s sudden and unexpected death in 2017. As a result of the medication, I have the energy again to work on my own personal success activities , of which I find writing and journaling a crucial part.


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A  personal Journaling routine can help us build a creative connection, both with ourselves and the world around us, increase our happiness, support our passage through daily life and our personal development.Success Journaling for personal development. The first step to your successful and fulfilling life.




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