The Benefits of Journaling

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I’m very lucky these days to spend a lot of time writing for work, but it’s something I’ve done for fun on and off anyway since I was a child. Whether this involved writing stories, keeping a personal diary or any other activity to fill a blank page, I’ve never been very far from a pen and a notebook!

I’ve spoken before about how I use journaling to navigate a path through my life. Although I’ve written in different formats for as long as I can remember, writing has taken on a more central role in my life over the past ten years or so. Once I started focusing on writing, I found I was much clearer about what I wanted to do with my life and discovered a sense of purpose. What induces that feeling is different for everyone, but for me it was writing.

Emerald and Lime | The Benefits of Journaling

So what have been the benefits?


Writing helps me articulate thoughts and feelings in a way that allows me make sense of them, both personally and when thinking about where I want to go with Em and Lime. Writing helps me grasp and pin down the ideas floating and colliding in my poor head that would otherwise get away from me. I don’t worry about whether or not I sound particularly coherent, I just write what I’m thinking and eventually I find my way through the mess.


Like I said, I don’t worry about whether or not I sound particularly coherent and that’s OK because I’m the only one who sees what I write. I can try out thoughts and plans without worrying about what anyone else will think of them.

Space to explore new things

I think our journaling style changes according to what we need it for, so over the past few years a lot of my journal has been take up with planning, working out what I want to do (and not do) work-wise, exploring the pros and cons of different business options and figuring out the best fit for me at this time.

Ability to identify patterns and themes

Re-reading recent journal entries helps me identify if I’m continually coming back to the same issues without doing anything about them. I may not consciously realise something is bothering me or needing dealt with, but if I see I’m repeating myself in my journal, I know it’s time to take some action.

Enhancing mood and gratitude

It seems everyone is keeping a gratitude journal and, while it’s easy to feel the phrase is over-used, I think the concept is a solid one. Focusing the mind even for a few minutes to note down all that has gone well in the day, or all that is going OK just now generally, has definitely has a positive impact on my mood, so I try to incorporate this in my writing.

Do you journal? I’d love to know what type of journaling you do and what benefits you’ve noticed! Leave a comment below or pop on over to @elleturnerwriter on Instagram and tell me your story there, I’d love to hear from you!

Emerald and Lime | The Benefits of Journaling


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Get started with journaling

If you’re keen to find your own journaling practice, I can send you a free list of five options to help you fill your first blank page. Click the image below and I’ll sort that out for you.

Emerald and Lime | The Benefits of Journaling



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