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Hey there,

Hope you’re well today. It’s still pretty wintry out there, but hopefully not for much longer! I’ve decided that, Chez Turner, it’s time to start preparing for spring, whatever the weather.

*opens window for fresh air*

*freezes to chair*

OK, maybe not, but I have been preparing for spring at Emerald and Lime…

It’s only relatively recently (over the last 5 years or so) that I’ve become familiar with Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry. A Haiku is very short, consisting of seventeen syllables and traditionally captures a moment of inspiration in nature.

Haiku conventions have evolved over the years and many have tried the form in English. Typically in English the seventeen syllables are split over three lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

When I first heard of Haiku, I was drawn in initially because of the syllabic conventions, specifically because it had to be written in a precise number of words and syllables. I love having to write and present a fully formed idea or story with that sort of discipline (which is why I write fifty word fiction for Emerald and Lime). I suppose it’s because that, although I love being creative, I find comfort in structure and order. Using structure and order creatively is something I’ve definitely been practicing over the years and it’s important to me within Emerald and Lime.

I mention this today because I’ve written four Haiku-inspired poems that I’ve incorporated into Em and Lime’s natural world collection for spring and summer. Here’s a sneak peek at one from the collection:

Summer breeze wafts warm

and eyes find the bluest sky.

The heart breathes and flies.

Emerald and Lime | Haiku-inspired NaturEL Flow eco-friendly collection

Art print, writing paper, note cards and notebook

I’d love to know what you think!

Poetry isn’t a form of writing I’ve tried much of, but I have a copy of Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, so you never know…

If you’d like to keep up to date with when Em and Lime’s new collection will be released, pop your email address in here and I’ll be in touch!*

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Elle xoxox

*You’ll also get a link to a free Emerald and Lime design to use as a laptop or mobile phone wallpaper when you do!


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The Ode Less Travelled - Stephen Fry 

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