Feel like a new challenge but don't know which direction to take?

Hey there,

Welcome to Emerald and Lime!

You may think that’s a funny way to start this post since Em and Lime has been in business for over a year and we’ve been together on this blog for a while now.

But I have some exciting news! Emerald and Lime is expanding, so it feels like a shiny new start to me. I don’t mean expanding in size, but expanding in PURPOSE. Let me explain.

After leaving  my day job, I launched Em and Lime in 2016 as an eco-friendly stationery company. As a writer, journaler and firm believer in the life-changing power of words, I wanted Em and Lime’s products to be all about words too. My words through the Haiku inspired naturEL flow collection and the original fifty-word-fiction prints, and your words when you use the ranges of recycled notebooks. 

Although it definitely hasn’t been easy, over the past couple of years I’ve experienced going from feeling stuck and stifled to FINALLY feeling as though I’m on my way to building a life round what matters to me most. (You can read more about that here).

And if you want to do the same, I want to help you.

So where did I start?

My starting point was journaling because, as a writer and stationery lover, I didn’t know how to do anything other than turn to a blank notebook to write about real life too. Call it what you will – a notebook, a journal, a diary – it was the place I worked out what I wanted to do and then planned a way to take action. Journaling helped me gain clarity and inspiration, and then, more importantly, take action based on what mattered to me most.

I’ve used the power of words to bring about changes in my life. You have the opportunity and power to do the same.

This is where I’m coming from:

  • I firmly believe you can write your way to the change you want to make, whether you’re simply looking for a new interest or are seeking a completely new job or career.
  • It's better when work isn't something you just do while the life you enjoy happens elsewhere
  • It’s way easier said than done, so the process of change needs to work for you, your life and be sustainable

I get that it’s hard when you feel stuck or stifled, unsure what you want to do next and scared of making the wrong decision. I was in that boat for SO LONG and it was a really uncomfortable and disheartening place to be.

So I want to tell you that YOU can write the next chapter in YOUR life story. And you can start the first page today.

Excited? ME TOO!

You're invited to join Emerald and Lime: create an inspired and lasting expression, a new Facebook group for stationery-loving bookworms in need of a challenge or a change of direction in their life or career. The group is a safe place for you to discuss your ambitions, try out fledgling ideas and feel inspired and supported as you start your next chapter.

Emerald and Lime | Create and Inspired and Lasting Expression

See you there!

Elle xoxox


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