Everything you need is already within you

It’s so hard when you know that you want to do something different in your life or career, but you don’t know what. I thought I’d do more than this, but how do I make it happen? and similar thoughts can keep you stuck for years. (I know from first-hand experience).

Maybe you’re struggling with which direction to take, with either too many ideas to choose from or no idea where to start. There’s a voice inside saying, What if it doesn’t work out? What if I choose the wrong thing? How do I know if I’m making a mistake?

All these fears don’t stop you wanting to do something different, they just stop you knowing what to do about it.

I get that. Completely. It’s hard when you feel stuck or stifled, unsure what you want to do next and scared of making the wrong decision. I was in that boat for SO LONG and it was a really uncomfortable and disheartening place to be.

The good news is that I know you can turn it around. I firmly believe you can write your way to any change you want to make so, if you’re ready to escape the rut you’re in and explore fresh opportunities through journaling, then you’re in the right place.

When I turned to journaling to figure out what I wanted to change in my life, I thought I was going to figure out what I was going to DO. I didn’t actually realise that what I was doing through journaling was getting to know myself better. I knew my life wasn’t set up in a way that allowed me to do what mattered to me most - look after my family, build something worthwhile for my children and do something I enjoyed at the same time - but I hadn’t really thought about WHY it felt like that to me.

That’s why I’ve created THE THREE I’S OF ME, a free workbook of journaling exercises so you can get to know what makes you tick, what makes you special, what makes you unique. When it comes to figuring out what you want to do, I believe everything you need is already within you.

The Three I's of Me

Taking time out to reflect on, and write about, some specific topics will not only help you uncover the direction you want to take, but will help you base that direction on what inspires you so that your life’s next chapter is in line with what matters to you most. 

Sound good?

If you’re ready to inject new energy into your life and feel excited once again, THE THREE I’S OF ME is designed to help you on your way.

Don’t leave your happy ending to chance. You can write the next chapter in YOUR life story. Start the first page today.

The Three I's of Me | Free workbook from Emerald and Lime

Elle xoxox

ps These things are always better with friends, so come and join Emerald and Lime: create an inspired and lasting expression, a new Facebook group for stationery-loving bookworms in need of a challenge or a change of direction in their life or career. The group is a safe place for you to discuss your ambitions, try out fledgling ideas and feel inspired and supported as you write your life’s next chapter. I’d love to see you there!


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