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Hey there,

I hope your day is going well so far! Nearly half way through March. Blimey.

Already I don’t know where 2017 is going and recent weeks have been a challenge Chez Turner, but one bright spot has definitely been working on Emerald and Lime’s new collection of products which I’m pleased to say go live in the shop TODAY!

I mentioned in this post Haiku – structure and creativity that the new collection, naturEL flow, has been inspired by Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry, and the natural world. Here are some pics:

Emerald and Lime naturEL flow eco-friendly stationery collection. Inspired by Haiku and the natural world.

Emerald and Lime naturEL flow collection A5 eco-friendly Prints. Inspired by Haiku and the natural world.  Emerald and Lime naturEL flow gift box. Eco-friendly stationery. Inspired by Haiku and the natural world.  Emerald and Lime naturEL flow A4 eco-friendly notebooks. Inspired by the natural world.

There are four Haiku-inspired designs and the collection contains eco-friendly A5 Prints, A6 note cards, A6 notebooks and A5 writing paper. All the products are available separately, or a selection of the range is available in a gift box. Click through here to the shop if you’d like to know more!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on lots of exciting new Em and Lime plans and naturally I’ll keep you posted! And the school holidays will soon be upon us too, so I’m looking forward to taking a wee break with the fam. What’s coming up for you? I hope you’ve been well since we were last in touch. Let me know what you’ve been up to!

See you back here soon but, in the meantime, I’d love to know what you think of the naturEL flow collection. Leave a comment below, or you can find Emerald and Lime on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Come say Hi!

Much love,

Elle xoxox

Download a free Emerald and Lime design to use as your laptop or mobile phone wallpaper!






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