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Hey there,

Hope you are well today.

It’s time to get serious about planning for Christmas! Whether you’re really organised or, like me, you still have a way to go, there’s no need to panic. Here at Emerald and Lime, we’ve got your back!

Every year, after the half-term holidays in October, I get out my notebook and start jotting down ideas for Christmas. And every year my brain seems to think that just jotting down the ideas will be enough and the elves will come and put them into action for me. Then towards the end of November I think, “Did I actually DO anything I wrote down for Christmas?” I think you know the answer to that one…

However, when I actually stumble leap into action, I’m grateful that I wrote everything down and don’t have to actually start thinking again. Always a bonus!

So, if you’d like some help keeping track of your Christmas, then read on!

From party planning to present shopping and making a list of what you need for Christmas dinner, I’ve popped together a PDF for you to keep all your notes in one place! (Click on the image below to get access).

Emerald and Lime | Christmas planning made easy

  • Note down what you got people last year so when you’re coming up with this year’s ideas, you don’t repeat yourself!
  • Keep track of
    • what you need to post and when
    • online orders you’ve made and when you expect to receive them
    • food shopping you need to do
    • preparations you need to make before Christmas, on Christmas Eve and on the day itself

There’s also space to make a timetable for cooking if you’re in charge this year. I write down everything from when I need to switch on the oven to what time to pop the cork on the champagne! I tend to transfer the timetable to the dry erase board in the kitchen, partly because I don’t want to get stuff all over the paper, but mostly because I reckon if you have an opportunity to mess about on a dry erase board you should TAKE IT*.

*please don’t leave me.

Let me know how you get on with your planning!

Much love,

Elle xoxox

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