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Hey there,

Happy New Year! I hope the festive season treated you well and that you’re ready for a happy and productive 2017.

I’ve never been much of a New Year’s Resolutions person, mainly because I like to have a lot of “fresh starts” throughout the year. There are many things I want to do and achieve in 2017 (both within and outside of Emerald and Lime), but I know there will be re-prioritising and re-focusing along the way, so I don’t think of my goals as New Year’s resolutions.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning, though!

Instead of making resolutions, I’ve been thinking about doing at least one special or different thing every month in 2017, whether it’s as simple as going out for a meal, going to the theatre or a bigger treat like taking a trip. I want to do these sorts of things all the time, but normally something gets in the way. I feel that I don’t have time, or that it’s going to cost too much (or whatever) but, in reality, there’s usually a way to get round these excuses with a bit of planning and commitment. I thought, therefore, that if I write my plans down, and tell you guys about them, that they might actually happen.

It would be more fun if we could plan together, though.

In the PDF that you can download below, there’s a page for every month were you can plan what you’re going to do for fun in 2017!

Emerald and Lime | Plan your fun-filled year

In the “This month I’m going to” section, note down what you’re planning to do. You could research events in your local area and/or your field of interest to see what’s on that it would be feasible for you to travel to. You may find something date specific, like a fair or sporting event but, if not, just pick a month that’s free and write it in!

In the “Let’s make it happen” section, work out anything you need to do to get things going. You might need to make a restaurant booking, research travel requirements or work out who  else you need to involve to ensure you get to put your plan into action.

And, once you have put your plan into action, in “Well, that was fun” make a few notes about how your event or activity went! That way you can look back over your year in December and remember all the fun times!

Sound like a plan?

So far I’ve decided to:

Visit a trade fair/attend a blogging event or writing conference or something of that ilk, so I’ll need to do some research to see what’s on and when before I decide which month it’s going in.

Go to the theatre. Every time I go to the theatre I come away thinking I’m going to do this more often and then end up going about once every three years. I’ve decided to do this in January so I can kick the year off to a good start. My January page looks like this so far:

Emerald and Lime | Plan your fun-filled year: January example

Have a family picnic. This is obviously a fair weather activity, so it’s going in one of the summer months. That’s still no guarantee of fair weather in Scotland but hey-ho, I’m thinking positively! Because doing the first two on my list will cost, this is a cheaper goal to balance things up a bit.

There are still another nine months of fun to be had, though, so let’s get planning!

I’d love to know what you decide to do for 2017. Why not leave a comment below so we can share ideas? And keep me posted on how you get on!

Here’s to a fun year!

Elle xoxox

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