How to get “something more” from life

How to get "something more" from life | Elle Turner Creative

Everyone’s talking about new year goals, resolutions and setting ourselves up for success in 2019. In one way, it’s wonderful. I love the mindset of leaping into a new year filled with hope, possibility and excitement. What I don’t love is when real life takes over again and our positive intentions start to slip away.

Do you find your plans for yourself slide down your list of priorities as you’re derailed by circumstances very often out with your control?

When the holiday season is over, work ramps up again, school permission slips flood in, bad weather disrupts our childcare arrangements and we realise we’ve been hanging on to a head cold for weeks.  We’re swamped by the day to day realities that just don’t vanish in a puff of smoke with the change of a calendar.

And so, we resign ourselves to the annual cycle of excitement then deflation. We tumble back into normal routine which, let’s face it, isn’t bad at all, because we’re really very lucky.

It’s just that we want to do something more.

Oh no! Here comes the guilt!

Why do we want more? We’ve already got so much. There are many people who yearn for what we have, only to be dealt blows that we can’t imagine having to cope with…

The guilt weighs heavy. It keeps us stifled and wondering if the so much more we’ve always imagined is unrealistic, unachievable or just plain arrogance.


I get it, because that’s what I did for years, especially the guilt part. But also:

  • I’d set goals
  • “things” would happen,
  • I’d settle back to “normal”

and wind up the next Christmas thinking, ‘What happened there?’

Or rather, I’d be thinking, ‘What didn’t happen there?’ as I mourned everything I hadn’t achieved. That’s one of the reasons I felt dissatisfied that my life wasn’t set up the way I wanted it to be.

So I turned to journaling.

I felt I was doing the “wrong” thing with my life and wanted to make it “right”. I’d journaled off and on for years anyway and, as an introverted, stationery loving bookworm, didn’t know what else to do other than to turn to a blank notebook to “think things through”.

I didn’t realise that what I was doing was working on my personal development in a way that would, for me, lead to an empowering change and new way of thinking about my life.

Am I going to tell you that journaling solved everything for me? No, not at all, but it’s since I turned to the page that I realised how much it can be used as a reliable tool for personal development and to help us guide ourselves towards a life focused on what matters to us most.

And the emphasis is important. There are so many ways to journal, because, really, it’s simply recording thoughts on a page, so it’s difficult to visualise it as a powerful, beneficial activity.

It is.

But that’s because of YOU.

Everything you need to stick with your positive intentions is already within you and, through intentional journaling, you can bring it out.

Rather than staying stuck in the annual cycle of intention-yet-inaction, why not consider making personal development through journaling part of your lifestyle in 2019?

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